Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Sew a Bubble Skirt

Style editor Miranda Furtado shows you how to sew very cute bubble skirt. A bubble skirt is a short skirt with a balloon style silhouette. Bubble skirts are designed to billow out on the bottom and sides, while fitting tightly at the waistline, usually with a wide embellished elastic waistband. Bubble skirts are sometimes referred to as a tulip skirts. Bubble skirts usually reach mid thigh, but are sometimes shorter. Bubble miniskirts often had shorts sewn in underneath the skirt, or were worn over knee length tights.

Bubble skirts can be made of a variety of different fabrics, depending on how and where you wear them. For more casual wardrobes, bubble skirts can be made from jersey knit, light cottons, bamboo, polycottons, rayon, seersucker, or shirting. For more formal wardrobe requirements, you could make a bubble skirt out of taffeta, satin, silk, organza, lace, crepe, velvet, and velour.  This year the color "honeysuckle" is popular and would lend to the playful style of this skirt.

Suggested fabrics:

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