Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tasia's Tips on Sewing with Silk

Dupioni Silk Fabric Iridescent Blue Ice

If you are timid about sewing with silk, and you're not quite sure how to handle silk properly, you should check out Tasia's blog post full of excellent tips for sewing with silk. 

According to wikipedia, "silk is a natural protein fibre, some forms of which can be woven into textiles. The best-known type of silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori reared in captivity (sericulture). The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors."  Cool huh?

Here is a very interesting article about the different types of silk


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