Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keeping it Simple

Hey thanks for dropping by!  You must have landed here from one of our ads found on other blogs or from a link someone was sweet enough to share.  Glad you clicked!  Since I've decided to add a blog to Fabric Deals Club, I've decided to keep it very simple.  My goal is to keep it clutter free, clean, and easy on the eyes.  I'll be sharing some great tutorials by other certainly-more-talented-sewers-than-I found elsewhere on the web, to inspire you.

If you have a blog, and some really wicked cool tutorials you'd like for me to feature, contact me!

Please note: The tutorials shared here on the blog, will not be tutorials provided within the Premium email lists.  Those are super-special!

Please feel free to add my blog to your sewing blogroll, and I'll add you to mine :)  If you follow my blog, I will follow you back.  I love to network and share.

If you are a fabric retailer, and want your deals featured within the lists, or on the web site, please contact me.  My ad rates are very reasonable, and sometimes I share for free.  Yes, free.  


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